ATG Kids

  • Bassinet


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    A classy way to fall asleep. Give your baby only the best with this soft white maple bassinet. Available in distressed black or white or stained as seen in the photo. *Moses basket not included....

  • Bathroom Vanity


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    This bathroom vanity is perfect for the kid who never wants to brush his teeth! He will now with the bright, playful colors of his new bathroom vanity! *Sink and faucet not included.

  • Bookcase

    $300.00 - $325.00

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    Jump start your kids' love for reading and make sure they have this soft maple bookshelf in their room, filled with stories they'll read over and over.

  • Bunk Bed w/Desk

    $650.00 - $2,800.00

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    This hand made bunk bed is a must have for your childs room.  It has different options and can be customized to fit your needs. The desk can be removed to add the lower bunk.  The desk is...

  • Kid Storage


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    Storage can be stylish. Use this custom piece as a table or bench with built in storage for games, books and other toys. The kid's will love it and so will mom.

  • Kitchen Set

    $400.00 - $1,100.00

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    Foster your kid's imagination with ATG's soft, white maple kitchen...all your kid needs to jump start his creativity and learning!  (He might even cook you dinner if you're lucky!) *Available in Red, Green and Blue. ...

  • Tool Bench


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    Every little kid needs a tool bench! Whether it holds tools for woodworking with dad or for painting grandma a picture, this is an item you need.